Overhead Gantry System

OH Gantry for welding

OH Gantry for Material Handling

Overhead Gantry System

These are nothing but 7th axis systems mounted overhead. They provide the same benefits of extending the robot reach, but without taking up valuable floor space. If the robot is moved to a safe maintenance position, the entire space in front of the CNC machines or welding tables is available for regular usage. This space can be used by the operators for loading  & unloading components, and the maintenance  team to do set-up changes and machine maintenance.

Gantry systems are best suited for CNC Machine tending, welding & material handling/pick and place applications. Welding of large earth moving equipment & rail coach components are best done using a gantry. We can complete provide turnkey systems along with full systems integration or stand-alone gantry systems.

Gantries can be custom built according to the customer requirements. The height, length and leg spacing can be customized. We can also build to the base plates to suit any robot make. The drag chain and centralized lubrication systems are integrated. Maintenance platforms can also be provided for ease of access.