Autoloader for Hwacheon Cutex 160

Autoloader for LMW Smarturn

Integrated Autoloader for LMW Smarturn

Autoloader for LMW Pilatus

ACE Jobber Jr - 4 Machines, 1 Operator

CNC Autoloaders

We are the leaders in India in the manufacture and installation of stand alone CNC Autoloaders. With over 25 installations in the last 2.5 years, we have proven systems running across India.

We are now designing & building our 4th generation autoloader which has a compact footprint and improved reliability. Our autoloaders are currently running on LMW, ACE, Jyoti, Hwacheon & Marshall machines with both Fanuc and Siemens systems.

CNC Autoloaders are low cost solutions when compared to Robotic and gantry systems. They can be retofitted to any existing CNC Machine. The installation and interface process can be completed in about a week’s time.


  • High Volume auto componets with component dedicated machines.
  • Other high volume components such as bearing or shafts with minimal set-up changes.
  • Suitable for smaller components with less than 1.5kg weight
  • Components an be either gravity fed or using a vibratory feeder fed.
  • Can be retrofitted to any CNC machine
  • Chuck only, chuck and center & between center components



  • Pneumatically operated & PLC Controlled
  • 4 inch touch screen for fault monitoring and control
  • Maintenance friendy resign
  • Easy to use for CNC Operators


Advantages of CNC Autoloaders

  • An unskilled helper can load/unload multiple machines
  • A separate skilled operator can be used for quality checks and offset corrections
  • Can run though lunch and breaks if the process parameters are defined
  • Same cycle time, same productivity on all shifts
  • Minimum 15% improvment in productivity
  • Better utilization of existing machinery. No loss of production due to absenteeism
  • On time deliveries and better customer satisfaction
  • ROI in about 2 years, not considering productivity increase.


CNC autoloader