Robotic Deburring

Robotic Deburring & Fettling

Deburring of Aluminium PDC components is time consuming, hazardous and tiring for operators. It is very difficult to match the out of PDC machines with manual fettling & deburring. This is where robots come in. For high volume components, 6 axis robots with compliant deburring spindles and tungsten carbide burs are used for  removing the burrs from the component.

The quality of castings needs to be consistent and the parting line flash thickness and length should be consistent. If there is consistency, robotic deburring can drastically improve the productivity and significantly reduce the dependence on labour. Inventory costs will also come down as the components can be delivered to customers faster.

A variety of high RPM pneumatic  deburring spindles are available with both axial and radial compliance. Compliant grinding wheels are also available for removal of thicker gates. Linishing tools can also be added. Tool selection is highly critical to ensure the success of deburring projects. Runner riser cutting can also be accomplished with robots.

Deburring can be accomplished by two means. Option 1  is where the deburring tool is mounted on the robot and the component is located in a fixture. In this case, if multiple tools are to be used for deburring, tool changers can be used to pick up 2 or more tools.  Option 2 is where component is handled by the robot and deburring tools are mounted on pedestals.  This is a cost effective method.