Leak Testing Machine

Leak Test Machines

Leak testing machine

We build leak test machines. Two options are available. Economical solutions with pressure transducers and our own algorithms are available for low volume testing. For high volume and high precision applications, branded leak testers can  be integrated into our machines.

The operators have to load the component and hit the cycle start button. Safety light curtains are provided for operator safety. Locating features are present in the fixture for the operator to easily place the components in the right orientation. Clamping and sealing  is achieved automatically using either pneumatic or hydraulics. The component is then pressurized to the required pressure. After stabilization, the pressure drop is observed using the pressure decay method to identify leaks.  Wet immersion can also be added to identify the source of the leak.

Simple pass/fail lights help the operator to segregate good and bad  components. Good components     will be automatically marked with a simple punch to prevent bad parts from getting mixed up. All our machines are fully automatic, PLC controlled and come with a HMI for easy manual control.

This type of testing is suitable for automotive components such as cylinder blocks, heads, pumps, brake cylinders. Other components such as fuel filters, pump bodies can be checked for porosity.