Auto-loader for Centerless Grinder

Auto-loader for Centerless Grinder

 Auto-loaders for Centerless Grinders


A centerless grinder requires a minimum of 2-3 operators for loading and unloading parts. If our auto-loaders are fitted to centerless grinding  machines, one operator can run 2 machines. This provides a quick return on investment and also improves the productivity by at least 25-30%. The quality is also improved as the components are pushed into the wheels in  a very controlled manner.

Loading a centerless grinder is a very tiring job as the components have to be continuously fed and constantly pushed into the grinding wheels to achieve  micron level tolerances. Our auto-loaders can hold 50-100 components depending on the diameter of the shaft or tube.  We have an in-feed system which feeds the components continuously into the grinding wheels. On the output side, an out-feed system removes the components from the grinding wheels, and accumulates them on a belt conveyor. The components are handled very gently and there is no damage, scratches or dents. Proper coolant collection trays are provided to return the coolant back to the machine.

The auto-loaders have fine adjustment in the up down direction to allow for component diameter changes. They also have fine adjustment in the fore/aft direction to compensate for wheel wear. Both the in-feed and out-feed conveyors are equipped with variable speed control to allow for feed rate adjustments.

We can also provide solutions for plunge feed centerless grinding machines.